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Lift Like a Spy with Daniel Craig’s Exercise Plan

Credit: Greg Williams
Who would have guessed that such a sophisticated man is also a fitness powerhouse?

It might come as a surprise that a character associated with leisurely activities like drinking and driving luxurious cars would require a physically demanding performance, but underneath the signature 007 suit, Daniel Craig sports an impressive physique. Craig adheres to a specific workout routine for the challenging role of James Bond, and if you believe you are up for the challenge of joining Her Majesty’s Secret Service, you can give it a shot yourself.

To bulk up, consider following Craig’s pre-shoot workout plan. He always follows this routine days before filming an action scene. Begin with a 10-minute session on a Wattbike or any stationary bike. Next, complete 10-20 reps of Craig’s initial superset, involving low cable chest fly and abdominal rollout. Repeat this once, or twice if you have the endurance, then take a short break. Proceed to the remaining four supersets, which I will outline shortly. Repeat this routine twice a week, and you’ll soon see significant muscle gains.

Credit: Greg Williams

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of Craig’s remaining supersets:

  • Superset 2: Bosu mountain climber and traditional pullup
  • Superset 3: Russian twist and kettlebell side obliques bend
  • Superset 4: TRX row, curl and pistol squat and bodyweight dip
  • Superset 5: Hanging leg raise, windshield wiper, and reverse cable fly.
  • After a rigorous workout session, Craig concludes with a recovery routine. He begins by stretching and using a light recovery band in both side-to-side and up-and-down motions. Next, he utilizes a foam roller to relieve tension in his shoulders, lats, legs, and back. Finally, Craig employs a percussive massager to alleviate any tightness in his hip and glute muscles. Stick to this regimen, and you’ll be in good enough shape to pass as the next Bond when the latest movie hits theaters in November.

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