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Maintain a Steady Workout Schedule for Optimal Outcomes

Credit: Go Sports Tourism
Establishing routines can be a strong motivator.

Commencing an exercise routine from the ground up involves the challenge of selecting an appropriate time of the day. Avoid doing it in the morning due to just waking up, the afternoon because of other commitments, or at night due to fatigue. While it may be daunting to commence, finding a suitable slot for your workout is imperative (begin with a few slots initially). It’s not solely about accountability; adhering to a specific time of the day for exercising can enhance its efficacy.

For instance, if you plan to start your day with a morning run, follow a sequence like brushing your teeth, using the bathroom, wearing your shoes, and heading outdoors. Initially, it may feel like additional effort, understandably, but as you transform that morning run into a daily ritual, your body will adapt and pre-condition itself. Opting to work out at varying times each day will hinder habit formation, making it a challenging task. Adhering to a consistent time slot will engrain exercise as second nature, akin to leaving for work or showering. It becomes an automated daily practice.

Credit: Planet Fitness

There is empirical evidence supporting this notion. In 2019, Brown Alpert Medical School conducted a study on regular exercisers to ascertain the most optimal workout time. Their findings revealed that the specific time was inconsequential. Consistency in your routine and timing renders the exercise effective regardless.

While integrating exercise into a busy schedule may not be enjoyable, remind yourself that once you choose a time, consistency is key.

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