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Maintain Loose and Supple Hips

Credit: Unsplash
To avoid feeling stiff like an aged figurine.

We often underestimate the importance of our hips. Have you ever considered the constant subtle movements like bending, twisting, and flexing that our hips allow us to perform daily? Supple hips are crucial for activities such as cycling and running. Even if you spend most of your day sitting, you are likely adjusting your posture frequently. Just picture how uncomfortable life would be if you couldn’t sit without your hips making noise like a rusty swing set. Personally, I’d rather not imagine that scenario, so let’s focus on maintaining flexible hips.

Ensuring your hips remain loose and flexible is best achieved through stretches that target the legs and torso. An effective starting point is the clamshell stretch using a resistance band for assistance. Lie on your side, loop the band around both legs, bend your knees, and raise your upper leg gently. Avoid pushing yourself into an extreme sideways split; our goal here is flexibility, not Olympic-level gymnastics.

Credit: Unsplash

Next, attempt a 90-90 hip switch. Sit upright and bend your legs in the same direction, forming two 90-degree angles on one side. Use your hips to raise yourself onto your toes until your knees face upwards, then reverse the movement so your legs are bent in the opposite direction. While it may seem simple and fluid, you’ll definitely feel the impact on your hips after a few repetitions.

If you neglect your hip health now, mobility issues may become more prevalent as you age. Take proactive steps to care for your hips today to ease movement in the future.

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