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Maintain Your Facial Firmness Through Facial Yoga

Credit: Unsplash
Exercise those facial muscles and stretch those eyes!

The countenance is among the most vital human muscles, particularly in societal contexts. The subtle movements and expressions of your face serve as a significant means of communication, perhaps even outweighing your verbal communication. Nonetheless, as individuals grow older, skin tends to lose its firmness and elasticity. Smiling may not be as effortless as before for some individuals. If this is a concern for you, treating your face as you would any other muscle group through exercise can help!

Facial yoga involves a series of precisely formulated facial stretches intended to tone your facial muscles, keeping them firm, glowing, and supple. Apart from potentially decelerating the skin aging process, it also offers a method to alleviate tension that may accumulate in your facial muscles, resembling the purpose of conventional yoga for other muscle groups. Engaging in facial yoga isn’t overly challenging. As long as you can move your head and neck, you can practice facial yoga.

Here’s a simple exercise: jaw tightening. Maintain firm jowls well into your later years. Your dental health will benefit from this practice. To tighten your jaw, raise your chin until it aligns with your clavicle. Rotate your head to the right, gazing towards the ceiling over your shoulder, and protrude your jaw. Maintain this position for five seconds, return, repeat, and then switch sides.

Credit: Unsplash

Another easy exercise is for the under-eye region. Given the considerable amount of time spent staring at screens, people are more susceptible to developing under-eye bags. To target your lower eye area, look upward and close your eyes starting from the lower lids. Maintain this position for five seconds, return, and repeat.

Similar to your limbs, facial muscles require some resistance to remain toned, so feel free to make amusing facial expressions from time to time.

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