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    Maintaining Good Health As We Grow Older

    Image Source: EpicPC

    Who mentioned that staying fit is solely for the youthful?

    During our childhood and adolescence, ensuring our well-being and incorporating some cardio into our daily routine wasn’t a primary concern, and probably wasn’t even on our radar. In our twenties and thirties, our focus may have been more on our appearance rather than our internal health. However, once we reach our forties, aging can bring about health issues as our bodies undergo changes. While this might not be applicable to everyone, it is advisable for all of us to prioritize our health as we transition into middle age and progress into our later years.

    One of the more alarming and severe common health concerns we might encounter as we age is influenza. As we surpass 65, our immune systems are not as robust as they were in our twenties or thirties. Consequently, seniors constitute a significant portion of flu patients who require hospitalization due to flu-related complications. These complications can include pneumonia, bacterial infections (sepsis), or exacerbation of lung or heart conditions. Therefore, if you belong to the senior group, ensure to receive your yearly flu vaccinations.

    Another noticeable physical change you might experience is the decline in muscle and bone mass. With age, performing the routine two sets of ten on the bench press will not be sufficient to preserve muscle mass. Bone density decreases with age, and signs of arthritis may manifest in our joints. This can limit your physical activity, potentially leading to obesity and aggravated arthritis.

    To mitigate the impact of aging, stay physically active, consume plenty of calcium-rich fruits and vegetables, quit smoking and excessive drinking, and consult your healthcare provider about potential supplements.


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