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Managing Dry Eyes

Credit: Unsplash
It’s quite challenging to perceive things when your face feels like a desert.

Your eyes, being the focal point of one of your five senses, stand as one of your most crucial organs and warrant only superior care. However, it’s undeniably alluring to spend hours gazing at your phone or reading books late into the night, activities that your eyes strongly disapprove. Your tear ducts naturally produce tears and moisture to maintain the cleanliness and fluidity of your eyes; yet, if you strain them excessively in a certain manner, your eyes may become dry. Dry eyes can be highly uncomfortable, often causing symptoms like blurred vision, itchiness, burning, and light sensitivity. Instead of enduring blurry discomfort, explore a homemade solution to alleviate that dryness.

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Excessive exposure to heat and light are the primary contributors to dry eyes. What emits substantial amounts of heat and light? Screens. Whether it’s your phone, TV, computer, or any other screen-based device, prolonged use can lead to dry eyes. If your eyes start feeling strained after screen time, give them a break. Wrap a piece of cloth around your head to create a makeshift blindfold and rest your closed eyes for some time to allow them to recuperate. For intense discomfort, use a warm compress over your eyes to help open your glands.

Credit: Unsplash

Another significant factor in dry eyes is airflow. Some home heating systems generate dry, hot air that can irritate your eyes, similar to the effects of using hair dryers excessively. To reintroduce moisture into overly dry home air, consider using a humidifier. In situations where a humidifier is unavailable, placing a pan of water on a radiator can serve as a temporary solution.

If home remedies yield unsatisfactory results, consider using over-the-counter eye drops to alleviate the burning sensation. However, exercise caution not to overuse them, as certain commercial eye drops contain preservatives that may irritate your eyes in excessive amounts.

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