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Managing Spring Season Allergies

Credit: Unsplash
Springtime isn’t complete until your sense of smell becomes impaired.

Spring is approaching! The sunlight is bright, the birds are coming back, the flowers are blossoming, and I can’t enjoy any of it because my nasal cavity feels like a wetland. Dealing with allergies in the spring can be quite troublesome, and this holds true even for individuals experiencing mild nasal congestion or teary eyes. For some individuals, spring allergies can be extremely debilitating, making stepping outside akin to entering a pollen cloud. Nevertheless, we must continue with our daily lives, so here are some ways to cope with these bothersome allergies.

To begin with, it’s essential to gauge the intensity of your allergies. If your nose is slightly itchy, there’s no cause for major concern; however, if heightened pollen levels trigger asthmatic symptoms, you need to proceed with caution. The pollen varieties in your surroundings may vary based on your geographical location and the local plant and animal life. For more precise details, consult your physician regarding an allergy screening. While it may not be the most enjoyable experience, it can provide valuable insights into how your body reacts to specific allergens.

Credit: Unsplash

Once you have identified the cause and symptoms of your allergies, you can implement more effective strategies to manage them. Start by ensuring that the air within your home remains free of allergens. Keep doors and windows shut and utilize an air purifier. When venturing outside, consider wearing facial protection such as a mask (which, conveniently, many people are already using these days). To shield your eyes from irritation, consider wearing allergy goggles. Additionally, monitor your local weather forecast for alerts on high pollen levels, enabling you to prepare accordingly.

If your allergies are especially severe, consider using over-the-counter remedies like nasal sprays or antihistamines. Ensure to adhere to the instructions on the packaging diligently and refrain from excessive usage to prevent potential damage to your nasal passages and exacerbation of symptoms.

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