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Mark Lyttleton: What Is Pranic Healing

Angel investor, speaker and business mentor Mark Lyttleton has a special interest in mental wellbeing and is a certified Pranic Healer. This article will explore the history of Pranic Healing and how it can be used to restore balance, health and wellbeing to the mind, body and soul.

Originating from the word ‘Prana’ meaning ‘life energy’, Pranic Healing is a highly evolved, non-touch complementary therapy that is used to heal a variety of psychological and physical ailments, potentially enhancing any aspect of an individual’s life. It distinguishes itself from other healing therapies through its highly systematic and scientific approach, following a simple yet powerful and effective system working on the principle that the body is a self-healing organism.

With people living increasingly hectic lives today, ailments and conditions can arrive via certain lifestyles, patterns and psychological changes. Pranic Healing involves using specific techniques to counter health issues, enabling the body to heal itself.

An astounding technological breakthrough in the science of healing, Pranic Healing is embraced by many health professionals today, including psychologists, therapists and clinicians. In addition, families and business professions are increasingly using Pranic Healing in conjunction with conventional Western medicine to enhance every aspect of their lives.

Prana is energy, which is critical to all life on earth. In addition, thoughts and feelings are also types of energy waves. This energy connects with other energy in the universe. Each person is born with an innate capacity to receive, modify, feel and use different types of energy.

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Instead, it is transmitted from one form to the next. Using this fundamental principal of science helps people to live their lives more effectively, transforming stressful events into peace of mind, inadequacies into abundance and toxic, failing relationships into strong, healthy ones. More importantly, Pranic Healers leverage their knowledge to transform sickness into health.

Also known as ‘energy medicine’, Pranic Healing can help improve virtually every aspect of a participant’s life, including their psychological, spiritual, physical, financial and relationship health and wellbeing. Prana is an unseen force that gives consciousness and awareness to living and vitality to the soul.

With roots in Ancient China, Pranic Healing was made famous by the Chinese-Filipino spiritual teacher Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, who is famous all over the world today as the father of Pranic Healing. Essentially, Pranic Healing helps to restore inner peace, tranquillity and physical health, restoring the right balance of life energy in the body and helping participants to live happier, healthier lives.

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