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Maximize the Utility of Your Hand Weights

Credit: Rogue Fitness
Two in the arm are equaled by one in the hand.

Dumbbells are fantastic, right? They’re portable, convenient to grip, and not too strenuous to raise. A brief session of bicep curls can serve as a solid foundation for arm exercises and can be effortlessly done while enjoying your favorite TV show. However, solely performing curls may limit the versatility of your dumbbells. Since you possess these excellent, graspable weights, why not explore their full capabilities?

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You’ve probably witnessed elite athletes executing the classic clean and jerk maneuvers with large barbells in Olympic competitions. Did you know that you can replicate these movements with a pair of dumbbells as well? It’s quite simple; clutch the dumbbells with palms facing forward, squat down, lift them to shoulder level, and then stand up straight. If you desire, you can also incorporate the jerk by raising both dumbbells overhead before gently lowering them. Nonetheless, exercise caution since dumbbells lack the physical connection of a single barbell, making them a tad trickier to balance.

Credit: Openfit/Getty Images

Are you familiar with the farmer’s walk? This exercise is a classic feature of Scottish sporting competitions, where participants endeavor to traverse a distance while carrying heavy weights in the shortest time possible, all while maintaining their balance. While the professional version is quite demanding, you can derive significant benefits from a modified version using weights tailored to your physique. Simply hold your dumbbells at your sides and aim to walk a predetermined distance as swiftly as you can. It’s akin to being a mover, except there’s no paycheck involved.

The primary objective of hand weights is to enhance the strength of your upper limbs. By having a pair of dumbbells and a sprinkle of creativity, you can design a plethora of rigorous exercise routines.

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