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Microgreens Are Extremely Beneficial For Well-being And Weight Management

I had been contemplating growing microgreens at my place for a while. Despite my fondness for sprouting, cultivating microgreens never seemed to work out. Recently, I recommenced my regimen of wholesome and healthy eating. Despite my best efforts, I found it challenging to incorporate more fiber into my diet while reducing my carbohydrate intake. This led me to seriously consider the benefits of microgreens. Hence, here I am today with this post on microgreens for improving health and aiding weight loss.

Green leafy vegetables, in any form, are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Green vegetables play a crucial role in enhancing our immune system, digestive health, as well as boosting energy levels. They are also vital for cognitive health by aiding in liver detoxification. In essence, green vegetables are essential not only for maintaining good health but also for weight management.

Speaking about green leafy vegetables, I believe that microgreens are the most optimal functional foods that aid in weight reduction. Microgreens are perceived to be significantly more nutrient-dense compared to regular vegetables. Weight gain is not always the result of overeating. In my case, despite consuming only 1200-1400 calories per day, I struggled to manage weight gain at 56. Weight gain can be attributed to various factors such as deficiencies in vitamins K, B, C, phosphorus, polyphenols, iron, and fibers. Interestingly, incorporating microgreens into the diet is a beneficial way to address these deficiencies. By consuming microgreens, you can effectively manage weight by consuming fewer calories than usual.

Microgreens for enhancing well-being and weight management

  • Microgreens are known to be rich in dietary fiber, which helps in controlling food cravings. Therefore, microgreens, being fiber-rich, are highly advantageous for weight loss, promoting overall well-being. Additionally, the high dietary fiber content in microgreens aids in improving fat metabolism, preventing issues like constipation, acid reflux, and even colon cancer.
  • Microgreens contain vitamin K, which aids in reducing abdominal fat, particularly among women aged 55-65. Likewise, for individuals dealing with weight concerns, the polyphenols present in microgreens are effective in managing fat tissue growth and breakdown. Some of the best microgreens with high polyphenol content include red cabbage, kohlrabi, and mustard.
  • Another positive aspect of microgreens is their high Thiamine content, which is beneficial for individuals struggling with obesity as they generally have low Thiamine levels.
  • Microgreens provide sufficient vitamin B6, which helps women over 55 with obesity to have a faster protein metabolism rate, aiding in weight loss along with reduced calorie intake during their weight loss journey. Some good sources of vitamin B6 in microgreens include chickpeas, broccoli, and sunflower seeds.
  • Insufficient Iron can lead to inflammation; microgreens can help alleviate this deficiency, providing better energy for physical activities, ultimately supporting weight loss.

Effective ways to incorporate microgreens for weight management and enhancing well-being?

I have observed that some people cook Indian-style microgreens, which I believe is not the best approach. I chose to prepare my microgreens without soil, using only water. The result was fresh and delicious, as you can see.

Now, here are two optimal ways to maximize the benefits of microgreens for weight management and overall health:

Fresh Green Juice….

I washed a handful of microgreens and blended them into a paste using a mixer. Then, I added a glass of chilled water, Himalayan pink salt, and a splash of lemon juice. Although I didn’t do it, you could also add two teaspoons of chia seeds. It’s the most refreshing drink I’ve ever had.

A platter of fresh salad….

Dice cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, red and yellow peppers. Add microgreens, sprinkle some rock salt, and squeeze some lemon juice. Voilà! You have a nutritious meal rich in nutrients but low in calories.

By the way, did I mention that I used Mung dal, Methi, and Mustard seeds to grow these microgreens!

Now, it’s up to you to decide if incorporating microgreens for well-being and weight management is the right choice for your health journey.

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