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Midsection VS Mass

Credit: Getty Images

A diminished midsection may lead to a reduced risk of heart attack.

Newly conducted research indicates that individuals who have survived heart attacks carrying excess weight around their midsections are more predisposed to a subsequent attack compared to heart attack survivors who manage their weight and midsection size. Despite prior knowledge that a protruding belly heightens the likelihood of a heart attack, this recent study marks the first attempt at establishing a connection between abdominal fat and future heart attacks and/or strokes.

The study involved the analysis of over 22,000 patients who had encountered their initial heart attack in order to investigate the correlation between the patient’s waist size and the factors contributing to the arterial blockages that instigated the heart attack.

Over the course of the four-year study, researchers identified a direct association between midsection fat and heart attacks and strokes, independently of other risk elements such as diabetes, smoking, hypertension, BMI, and so forth. It was also observed that men carrying additional belly fat were more susceptible to a subsequent attack. Furthermore, the researchers stressed that focusing on waist circumference was more crucial than addressing overall obesity. So, what is the optimal approach to address this concern?

The researchers of the study have suggested that the most effective method to combat midsection fat is by adopting a nutritious, well-rounded diet and engaging in regular exercise. Engaging in moderate cardiovascular activities, such as a 30-minute walk, can significantly aid in battling a widening midsection.

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