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Morning Workouts, Right After Rising

Image Source: Unsplash
Perfect for feeling a bit less like a lifeless body.

Even from the perspective of someone who identifies as an early riser, I don’t always wake up full of vigor to exert myself right away. Unless I have something specific to focus my attention on, such as a morning routine or an appointment that demands my readiness, I usually take my time getting out of bed. This isn’t the most ideal physical state to engage in a rigorous morning workout. Only a certain type of individuals can spring out of bed and effortlessly perform a handstand. However, if you’re aiming for a mild workout, there are some straightforward exercises that require minimal energy.

If you don’t have any exercise gear in your bedroom, acquiring proper weights may be challenging and even hazardous if you’re still half-asleep. Therefore, the safer choice would be to opt for basic bodyweight exercises like traditional warm-ups and stretches. The objective here is to awaken your entire body from a state of low energy, and the most effective way to accomplish that is through gentle stimulation. For instance, try extending your arms above your head, then gradually bend your spine forward until you touch your toes. To activate your core, perform a set of wall squats.

Image Source: Unsplash

It’s also beneficial to concentrate on enhancing your mobility and flexibility, even if you don’t have specific plans for the day, to prevent experiencing stiff joints for a large portion of the day. Engaging in some simple yoga for a few minutes can significantly aid in loosening you up, whereas lateral lunges can reintroduce your body to the notion of movement.

The crucial aspect is to avoid any highly strenuous and explosive movements. Pushing your body forcefully before it’s fully awake is more likely to result in injury. It’s akin to someone unexpectedly dousing you with a bucket of icy water first thing in the morning.

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