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Muscle Ain’t Much Without Stability

Credit: Unsplash
You can’t use those beefy arms if you can’t get any force behind them.

You know how they say you should dedicate a particular day of workout to one area? Y’know, arm day, leg day, core day, and so forth? Well, there’s a bit of a problem in that line of thinking: a lot of “days” only focus on building muscle mass. If you’re a new initiate to working out, you might say “isn’t muscle mass what we want, though?” Technically, that’s only half right. Big, bulky muscles won’t do anything for you if you don’t have solid stability behind them.

When I say “stability,” I mean your body’s ability to hold, move, and otherwise control its joints. You could have the biggest, bulging-ist muscles in the world, but if your joints are too stiff or flimsy, you won’t be able to get any strength behind them. You’d basically be walking around with a life vest and floaties. There’s also the matter of body stability, which is your body’s ability to maintain your center of mass and stay balanced. Again, you could have as much muscle as you want, but without that stability, if you tried to lift a dumbbell, you’d go wibbling and wobbling all over the place. Besides the fact that it’s obviously unsafe, you’re not gonna get nearly the kind of burn you’re looking for.

Credit: Unsplash

In addition to your usual strength-building exercise, you should remember to intersperse your menu with stability-building exercise. Unilateral exercise that focuses on only one side of your body is a great way to build up that side’s stability. Working out on a Bosu ball is great, too, provided you don’t try to get weird with it and lift dumbbells at the same time. If you try to mix too many exercises at once, you’re just gonna hurt yourself.

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