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Nature’s Benefits for Your Well-being

Photo Credit: NatureWise
While urban life offers many advantages, don’t overlook the beauty of the outdoors.

I am happy to extol the virtues of modern comforts. I appreciate my workstation, my seat, and my personal computer. Despite my fondness for contemporary living, I ensure to take a stroll outdoors at least once daily. Human beings are essentially creatures; irrespective of our technological advancements, it’s crucial to stay connected to our natural origins. If this sentiment appears too unconventional, remember that spending time in nature offers physical and emotional benefits.

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One health trend that has gained popularity lately is “grounding.” Essentially, grounding involves establishing a physical connection between your bare skin and the Earth. Whether it’s bare feet, hands, or back; simply lie down and feel the Earth beneath you. Some studies suggest that grounding induces a sense of calm in individuals. While some attribute this to the electrons in the ground, the scientific community is still deliberating on this. Irrespective of the underlying causes, walking on grass barefoot always feels wonderful. If you have access to a backyard, kick off your shoes and take a short walk.

Photo Credit: Kansas Medical Center

In addition to grounding, it’s essential to bask in sunlight. The benefits of sunlight for human health are well-established. Natural light aids in the production of vitamin D, which in turn fortifies our bones and immune systems. A healthy body often translates to an improved mood. Regular exposure to sunlight also helps in regulating your circadian rhythm. If you go without sunlight for a day, your internal clock may get disrupted. Sunlight during the day assists your body in recognizing nighttime, thereby aiding in better sleep.

You don’t need to embark on lengthy nature treks every day. Just step outside, and absorb the natural goodness around you.

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