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Neatly Trim and Purify Your Nails

Credit: Unsplash
One doesn’t realize the inadequacy of their hands until their nails are excessively brief.

Have you ever experienced an ingrown toenail? I have. It’s not enjoyable. It’s akin to having a tiny goblin perched on your foot and prodding it with an ice pick. Unfortunately, ingrown toenails, along with other similarly unpleasant conditions, are quite common if proper nail care is neglected.

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When I mention “maintain your nails,” I’m not suggesting you must indulge in a full spa session every week. Of course, you can. It’s undeniably lovely. However, how you manage your nails in your daily routine at home holds equal significance. Firstly, you should trim your nails every few weeks. Lengthy nails can harbor more debris underneath them and hinder your dexterity, which can be quite bothersome. Utilize a proper nail clipper or a small set of manicure scissors to cut the nail tips straight across, followed by a gentle curve on the edges. Avoid cutting them too short to prevent bleeding and difficulties in gripping objects. And under no circumstances, bite your nails.

Credit: Unsplash

Biting your nails, besides being an unsightly habit, can result in misshapen and uneven nails, making them harder to trim and increasing the risk of ingrown nails and hangnails. If you ever encounter a hangnail, avoid tearing or biting it off. Instead, use a clipper to trim it to a small point that is no longer bothersome.

Lastly, remember to remove any debris from your nails whenever you wash your hands. A quick cleaning should dislodge any foreign particles, but be meticulous if engaging in strenuous outdoor activities.

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