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Nurture Your Feet Well

Photo by Harvard Health – Harvard University

These feet were created for walking.

Our feet have literally taken thousands, if not tens of thousands, of strides. They are there to transport us to our destinations each day. They enable us to steer cars, ride our bicycles, perform yoga, practice tae kwon do, and engage in other activities that would otherwise be challenging without them. Undoubtedly, our feet are crucial. However, we squeeze our feet into narrow heels, stomp them on the pavement, drop heavy furniture on them, and probably neglect to care for them until the very last minute.

An investigation conducted in 2014 revealed that 8 out of 10 Americans are dealing with some form of foot issue(s). From ingrown toenails to persistent pain, foot issues or injuries can significantly affect your overall quality of life, and certainly, your health. One repercussion of this is that if you experience any foot discomfort, or even just a slight irritation, you are more likely to skip your exercise for that day.

Our feet grant us the ability to walk, and if we become immobile due to a foot injury or another issue, it exposes us to the risk of experiencing other physical, psychological, and even social troubles. Here are some suggestions to maintain the health of your feet:

  • Avoid wearing overly snug shoes
  • Refrain from sharing footwear with others
  • Have your own personal foot care kit and avoid sharing
  • Allow your toenails to have some fresh air
  • Experiment with yoga positions beneficial for foot and leg wellness
  • Indulge in foot massages

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