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Organized Home for a Clear Mind

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Currently procrastinating, right?

Personally, if I were to pinpoint a primary factor for why I choose to reside alone, it would be due to the fact that many others in my age group do not appear to place a high importance on the tidiness of their living spaces. Throughout my college days, I encountered a plethora of appalling scenarios, ranging from beds completely buried under a miscellany of items to the extent that the bed covers couldn’t even be lifted, to a vile layer of fish oil coating the kitchen floor. Apart from the obvious hygiene concerns (of which there are many), living in such conditions is detrimental to one’s well-being. When there’s clutter all over the floor and mess everywhere in the kitchen, and you remain, it signals a growing comfort with mediocrity. Avoid falling into that trap, my friend, simply tidy up the dwelling.

Your living environment is a reflection of your personality. If items are haphazardly piled in every nook, if no one bothers to take out the trash, if dishes from the previous week are still stacked in the sink, what message does that convey about you? That you’re indifferent? That it holds no significance? This mindset paves the way for diminished self-worth. When you neglect the upkeep of your living space,, you are failing to honor yourself, and you are entitled to self-respect.

Acknowledgement: Unsplash

Do not fret, I’m not suggesting an entire home renovation akin to a Netflix documentary series. Just take accountability for yourself. Organize your belongings, load the dishwasher with the used dishes, dispose of the trash when it’s visibly full. Upon tidying up, you may be pleasantly surprised by the newfound clarity in your life. The floor is visible, no strange smells waft from every direction, and that cockroach family has finally vacated the premises. Remember, you are worthy of residing in clean, comfortable surroundings, so invest the effort required to claim what you rightfully deserve.

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