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Outgoingness and Shyness

Credit: Unsplash
No one should pressure you into social interaction.

As time progresses and society gains more knowledge about itself, it appears individuals are becoming increasingly cognizant of the vital distinctions between outgoingness and shyness. This is a positive development; in the past, it was simply assumed that everyone desired constant social engagement, and those who expressed a preference otherwise were considered eccentric. However, nowadays, you can establish clear social boundaries and, ideally, your acquaintances and relatives will honor them.

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Presently, of course, the ongoing pandemic situation has been quite favorable for introverted individuals, and I can attest to this fact. Nevertheless, it will eventually conclude, and you will have to resume going out to socialize with the outgoing individuals. It can be draining for shy individuals to have outgoing friends, but the best approach is to view it as a matter of recharging energy. Both shy and outgoing individuals possess a finite amount of social energy they can expend, yet while outgoing individuals dissipate energy when alone and replenish it in a group, shy individuals expend energy in a group and recharge when alone. If, as a shy person, you feel you have had enough social interaction for the day, it is entirely understandable that you may wish to cease and return home.

Credit: Unsplash

On the flip side, if you are an outgoing person with a shy friend, it is perfectly acceptable to desire to invite them to social events, but when they indicate they have had enough, it is crucial to honor their request. Do not attempt to manipulate or mock them. If you try to coerce a shy individual beyond their social limit, they will likely become upset, and this is again, based on experience. Similarly, if you are a shy individual and have an outgoing friend attempting to include you in social activities, remember that their intentions are probably not malicious; they simply wish to spend time with you.

It requires effort and the establishment of clear boundaries, but it is entirely feasible for all of us to empathize with one another.

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