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Outsmarting Your Depression

Credit: Unsplash
Depression can’t be combated with physical force, but it can be combated with intellect.

The primary challenge of coping with clinical depression is that depression behaves as a thinking presence. It comprehends your vulnerabilities, fears, and shame, using them to unexpectedly strike you. Nevertheless, depression contains a significant flaw in its approach: its inclination to amplify. It drags you down and bombards you with metaphorical projectiles in an attempt to further demoralize you. Yet, through rational analysis, you can drain the potency from its attacks, reducing it to nothing more than a complaining imp on your shoulder.

Allow me to share a personal illustration: I possess numerous memories from my childhood that elicit feelings of shame for various reasons, and whenever my depression strikes, it tends to bring these up out of the blue. I could be simply brushing my teeth in the morning, and suddenly it’s “hey, remember that instance when you let your parents down? That was quite something!” And undoubtedly, it stings. It always stings. However, as an adult, you have the ability to reflect on those memories critically.

Credit: Unsplash

That’s how I neutralize my depression’s assaults; I question myself “was it truly that dreadful?” “Did it truly unfold that way?” “Does anyone else even recollect this incident?” And the response is nearly always negative. By interrupting the depressive thought pattern, you grant yourself an opportunity to recuperate and counterattack. “I erred but grew from it.” “My recollection of this incident is flawed, and I can substantiate it.” “Others hold no strong emotions regarding this, so why should I?” Suddenly, you regain control. Depression thrives on overwhelming you with distorted emotions, but you can steer your thought process through factual evidence.

Naturally, this isn’t a lasting resolution. There are no enduring resolutions for depression. However, in a peculiar manner, it’s somewhat empowering to shut down that little imp on your shoulder in the same way it attempted to undermine you. If depression seeks to harm you, then you possess every right to retaliate.

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