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Overcoming Those Winter Doldrums

Credit: Unsplash
While the elements outside may be challenging, there are ways to keep your spirits high.

Thanksgiving has passed, with Christmas just around the bend. Although winter’s official commencement is on December 21, in many regions, the chilly weather and possibly snow have likely already set in. If the calendar reads December, then winter is here. Winter blues can occasionally accompany this season. The cold temperatures, reduced sunlight, and less social engagement can lead to feelings of melancholy. When you find yourself in the grip of winter blues, follow Aquarius’ advice and invite the sunshine in.

To combat these feelings, aim to recreate the ambiance of a summer morning, even in the heart of winter. When it’s not overcast, draw back those curtains and bask in natural light. If clouds loom overhead, illuminate your space with artificial lighting. Remaining in darkness and coldness is a sure way to dampen your mood, so bring in some light and either cocoon yourself in a blanket or turn on the heater. Alternatively, you can opt for the traditional “festive coziness” look; sit by the fireplace or heater, sip a warm beverage, and bask in gentle lighting. It’s a different form of positivity.

Credit: Unsplash

Aside from your surroundings, prioritize self-care despite your winter instincts. Stay physically active, either indoors with equipment or outdoors if the conditions permit. Consume foods that nourish both your mind and body to prevent slipping into a hibernation state. Additionally, maintain proper skin care. Some individuals are sensitive to cold weather and may develop skin issues, so ensure you are adequately moisturized. This will aid your body in maintaining balance.

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