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Planning to Grill? Remember These Wholesome Toppings

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Have you ever come across a hot dog devoid of mustard?

Condiments greatly enhance my food enjoyment. Perhaps this does not reflect well on me, but go on, try and convince me that mustard isn’t fantastic. However, a downside to store-bought condiments is their high levels of chemicals and sweeteners. Ketchup’s widespread popularity is mainly due to the copious amount of added sugar found in most commercial bottles. While making your own condiments is an option, it can be costly and time-consuming. A more practical approach is to choose healthier versions of your preferred toppings. You’ll discover that numerous natural condiments available taste nearly identical or even better.

For ketchup, opt for organic varieties without additional sugar. Personally, I prefer unsweetened ketchup over the regular, as it offers a pleasantly tart flavor I adore. By reducing chemical intake, you can reap the health benefits of tomatoes such as antioxidants.

Speaking of well-known condiments, if you prefer mustard, consider spicy brown. This variety contains a higher concentration of actual mustard seeds, known for promoting metabolism.

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Spicy foods, in general, offer numerous health benefits. Ingredients like horseradish and sriracha contain potent antioxidants, and their spiciness is beneficial for the respiratory system. However, remember not to consume excessive heat, especially if you experience acid reflux.

Undoubtedly, the unrivaled champion among natural condiments is pesto. The garlic and basil in pesto possess antimicrobial properties that can benefit your microbiome, along with antioxidants. Although homemade pesto is preferable, if you’re only cooking for a couple of individuals, purchasing a small jar may be more cost-effective. Most store-bought pestos have minimal additives, making them a suitable choice.

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