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Popular YouTube Workout Channels on the Rise

Credit: Fitness Blender
The era of virtual fitness coaches is thriving.

In case you haven’t noticed, a global health crisis is ongoing, making it challenging to visit the gym. It’s a topic that has surely been discussed more than once.

Putting humor aside, some individuals struggle to exercise without the guidance of a companion, which explains the popularity of workout classes. Currently, attending such classes is not feasible due to obvious reasons. Fortunately, we are in the digital age of streaming, where you can have a fitness trainer guide you from the comfort of your living room.

One YouTube channel that has experienced a significant rise in viewership is Fitness Blender. This channel showcases comprehensive workout videos led by Kelli and Daniel Segars, renowned fitness influencers on the platform. Upon the declaration of the pandemic, their subscriber count surged dramatically. While unexpected, the couple is committed to providing content that appeals to a wide audience.

Credit: Fitness Blender

On Fitness Blender’s YouTube channel, a variety of workout videos are available, ranging from short sessions to extended programs lasting over an hour. These videos cater to both equipment-assisted and equipment-free workouts, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The couple also manage a website with premium content, but they are prioritizing the creation of more free videos during this period of restricted movement.

If you’re craving a workout but lack motivation, consider giving Fitness Blender a chance. It could be a worthwhile distraction.

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