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Prepare for Championships by Embracing Calisthenics

Credit: Unsplash
By staying consistent and committed, you can achieve greatness.

Often in films and series, there is a portrayal of individuals getting stronger through weight lifting sessions. Except in instances like watching The Karate Kid, I suppose. However, contrary to media representations, one doesn’t require an elaborate gym setup to enhance their strength. All that’s necessary are your limbs and a good dose of determination.

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You can effectively increase muscle mass with bodyweight training alone. A prime example is Mike Tyson, who has achieved peak physical conditioning using only bodyweight calisthenics. Regardless of personal opinions about him, one cannot disregard Tyson’s exceptional punching prowess, partially attributed to his remarkable strength.

So, which bodyweight exercises are optimal for building muscle? Fortunately, there’s no need for complex routines to achieve significant results. Incorporating decline sit-ups, bench dips, push-ups, and shrugs into your regimen will suffice. “But hold on,” you might inquire, “I already perform these exercises, yet I don’t possess the physique of Mike Tyson!” A valid observation. The critical aspect lies in Tyson’s training regime leading up to major fights, wherein he exercised ten times daily, six days a week, performing a minimum of 50 repetitions for each exercise or more. The key takeaway is not the specific exercises but the consistency and intensity with which they are executed.

Credit: Unsplash

It’s not mandatory to aim for Tyson’s level of muscularity; adapt the routine to achieve the intensity that satisfies you personally. Recognize that attaining a ripped physique using solely your body is entirely feasible. It just requires unwavering commitment.

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