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Prioritize Planning Before Embracing a Vegan Lifestyle

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Overhauling your diet should not be approached casually.

From ethical reasons to health benefits, the trend of veganism has gained momentum in recent years. Personally, I lack the resolve to adhere to a vegan diet as my fondness for meat prevails. However, if you feel a change is necessary in your life, I applaud your decision to venture down the more challenging path. Adopting a vegan lifestyle can certainly offer significant health advantages, and reducing meat consumption contributes to a decline in animal exploitation. Nevertheless, do not make the choice to go vegan merely due to its popularity or external pressure. Embracing veganism requires dedication, and diving in without a well-thought-out plan could disrupt your dietary balance significantly.

Prior to transitioning to veganism, the foremost aspect to address is ensuring adequate vitamin intake. Eliminating meat and dairy from your diet may impede your access to essential daily nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and iron. While it is feasible to obtain these nutrients from plant-based sources, such as beans, almond milk, mushrooms, fortified cereals, and leafy greens respectively, individual bodily responses may vary. Allergies or personal taste preferences could limit certain food choices. It is crucial to confirm the availability of reliable sources for all vital nutrients that align with your health needs and taste preferences.

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Properly addressing your appetite is also crucial. Unlike non-vegan foods, which tend to be more filling, plant-based meals may struggle to provide adequate satiety. Malnutrition is a serious concern, particularly with age. If you find vegan meals unsatisfying, consider increasing snacking frequency or incorporating more filling options like vegan cheeses, olive oil, or smoothies into your meals.

A vegan diet is viable for most individuals, provided thorough research is conducted beforehand. Committing to veganism only to discover a distaste for the required foods can leave you in a challenging predicament.


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