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Pursue Joy on Your Own Conditions

Credit: Unsplash
The concept of joy is ever-evolving.

What defined your sense of joy and accomplishment during your youth? Grand mansion? Large extended family? Boundless wealth? Quite unrealistic, right? The idea of joy is not fixed, contrary to the portrayal in movies and TV; there isn’t a single template for it. Life doesn’t have a definitive jackpot moment; you find joy when you declare you’ve found it, at your own pace and terms.

A common tendency deep-rooted in human nature is the habit of measuring oneself against those in proximity. An often-heard lament is feeling pressured because everyone else seems to be settling down, starting families, etc. But choosing to wed or have kids shouldn’t stem from peer pressure; it should stem from your desire. If you don’t believe such actions will bring you joy, why indulge? It’s not a compulsory life phase; it’s just an option.

Credit: Unsplash

Wondering how to genuinely uncover joy? Find it on your terms. Refuse to allow others’ choices and lifestyles to dictate your joy. If you’re content with your current life stage, there’s no need for drastic changes simply because they’re deemed “standard.” Forget conformity; embrace uniqueness! Be authentic! No one else should have the authority to label your life enjoyable except you. Engage in activities that bring you joy, pursue hobbies that genuinely captivate you. You might not fit societal averages, but truthfully, normalcy is overhyped.

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