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Quake the Ground with a Hand Weight Press-Up!

Credit: Unsplash
Push the entire globe beneath your arms.

Upon hearing the phrase “hand weight press,” I presume your initial assumption would be to lie down and hoist hand weights above you, isn’t it? A reasonable assumption and a commendable exercise choice. However, have you contemplated instead pressing the hand weights into the ground and propelling yourself up? It may seem absurd, right? With the weights on the floor, how could you possibly derive any force from them? Let me enlighten you: by raising them off the ground.

The hand weight press-up is a comprehensive chest exercise amalgamating push-ups, deadlifts, jerks, and squats in an almost uninterrupted chain of fitness. If you manage to execute this entire regimen as prescribed, well, your arms might feel like spaghetti for a short while, but eventually, you’ll possess the strength to topple a sumo wrestler.

The foundational step of the hand weight press-up entails a push-up with two hand weights positioned on the floor beside you. Lower your chest to the ground while grasping the hand weights, then forcefully ascend back up. The objective is to complete 150 repetitions of these, but inevitably, you’ll require a break. Nevertheless, this break isn’t quite what you’d expect.

Credit: Unsplash

Whenever you pause for a breather, you must hoist your hand weights off the floor to your full standing elevation three times, raise them up and over your shoulders to head level for three hang power cleans, and then execute three front squats with the weights still held in that position. Once you’ve completed all of these, then you return the hand weights to the floor and resume the push-ups. Believe me, faced with this option, you’ll wish to finish those push-ups expeditiously.

I won’t deceive you, this regimen is undeniably punishing, but the chest muscles you’ll develop as a consequence will be robust enough to cleave diamonds.

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