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Quick Arm Exercise Clips That Are Shorter Than a Show But Effective In Real Life

Having the power to lift groceries, open cupboards, transport boxes, and move freely in the world is a solid motive to engage in physical activity. There’s even a term for it: practical physical fitness. While it pertains to all sorts of movements, a key aspect of this kind of competency is arm vigor.

André Crews, a trainer for the fitness app Ladder, previously mentioned to Well+Good that your hands and forearms are “the guardians to practical physical fitness.” This is because they are responsible for your clenching strength, or “the physical capability to grasp and maintain control of an external object in your hands for an extended period,” Crews explains.

A strong clenching ability is linked with overall fitness, and even longevity. “Not surprisingly, individuals with superior strength also tend to possess better balance, bone density, and overall physical performance,” Rami Hashish, PhD, DPT, a body performance and injury expert, had previously explained to Well+Good.

So how do you aim to enhance this vital metric? Arm power. Subjecting your forearms, biceps, and triceps to pressure will enhance your clenching strength and keep you primed for hoisting, carrying, and catching whatever life tosses your way.

So how can you optimize an arm workout? Before jumping into it, you may wish to review the correct technique for a selection of common arm exercises, such as performing a bicep curl, a tricep dip, and a push-up.

Arm exercise clips to refine your technique

Now you are all set to begin! Here are 7 arm exercise clips below 20 minutes.

7 arm exercise clips under 20 minutes

1. 7-minute dynamic and potent arm series

This dumbbell arm routine is not to be taken lightly. It incorporates classics like bicep curls, tricep extensions, and more, but introduces variations in tempo to keep each move engaging. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to conclude your seven-minute workout with a set of forceful punches that integrate some cardiovascular activity and possibly stress relief (depending on who you are envisioning during this exercise).

2. 9-minute yoga session for arm vitality

Dumbbells often steal the focus in upper-body strength training, but a demanding yoga session like this one will also contribute to fortifying strength. Additionally, you will benefit from some excellent stretches in the process.

3. 10-minute ballet-inspired arm session

If you aspire to have elongated and slender arm muscles as your upper-body objective, this brief workout is ideal for you. Grab a pair of light dumbbells, as this sequence emphasizes repetitive movements for numerous reps to improve muscular endurance. Furthermore, the instructor incorporates dance elements to keep your mind as engaged as your body.

4. 10-minute arm toning session with towel

In case you lack dumbbells or resistance bands nearby but still desire to intensify your arms workout with supplementary tension, all you need is a towel. Pulling it apart adds some resistance, and maintaining the tautness of the towel will help activate your muscles to maximize the benefit of each motion.

5. 14-minute arms workout using resistance loop band

By utilizing a resistance loop band, you will encounter the same muscle challenge as with a dumbbell, along with the added advantage of extra muscle activation arising from the band’s instability.

6. 15-minute barre-style arms workout

If you have ever desired to undergo the trembling and quivering workout of a barre session at home, this condensed version will get you there. Incorporating exercises like heel raises intensifies the difficulty level for this 15-minute workout using light hand weights.

7. 18-minute workout focusing on biceps and triceps with elongated resistance band

This regimen employs a long resistance band, which is equipped with handles at both ends. You will use it to give your biceps and triceps a workout in under 20 minutes.

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