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    Quiet Exercises to Avoid Disturbing the Nearby Residents

    Credit: Unsplash
    Physical fitness is crucial, however, displaying good etiquette is imperative.

    If there is one behavior that deeply irritates me, it’s the loud noises and heavy footsteps while I am concentrating, especially during nighttime when I am trying to rest. Engaging in physical fitness can be an intensive process, and when fully immersed, the temptation to unleash a loud noise is high. Regrettably, mainstream society does not approve of such behavior. If you reside in an apartment complex, particularly an aged one, it is highly likely that your neighbors are subject to any loud noises or commotion you generate while exercising, and that is simply unacceptable.

    Although dynamic movements can be exhilarating, it is absolutely feasible to work out vigorously without causing disruptions. Consider the standard jumping jack for instance. It is a high-speed exercise excellent for elevating heart rate. However, if performed on a hard surface, it can produce a noisy clattering sound. Instead of forcefully landing on the floor with your entire foot, mimic the quietness of a ninja by swiftly and silently landing on the balls of your feet. Utilizing proper form will enhance the challenge of the exercise.

    Another example is the clapping push-up, a conventional move where you push yourself up explosively to clap your hands instantly. While visually impressive, the auditory element is less favorable. To reduce the loud impact when your arms hit the floor, modify the exercise by placing your knees on the ground instead of your feet. Descend slowly into the push-up, focusing on engaging your core. Push yourself up vigorously at the bottom position. This adjustment may seem simple, but it effectively targets the muscles in your mid and upper body, while minimizing noise as you are on your knees.

    When sharing a living space with others, it is essential to be mindful of their presence. As odd as it may sound, displaying good manners is akin to exercising a muscle, just like your physical muscles. It speaks volumes about your character if you can complete a thorough workout without causing any disturbance.


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