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Reasons Behind Feeling Prickly In Your Legs While Jogging

Aching, weariness, and muscle ache are all feelings you might anticipate during a run. But… tingling?!

Indeed, it can occur. And if you’ve ever ventured out for a jog and commenced feeling like you absolutely needed to begin scratching your legs, do not fret—you’re not alone.

There isn’t an official medical term for the occurrence of your legs tingling while running, but it’s commonly referred to as “jogger’s prick,” as stated by Edward Laskowski, MD, an expert in sports medicine at the Mayo Clinic. Apart from being generally disagreeable, we sought to understand whether all that tingling signifies something, so Dr. Laskowski dissected it.

Possible cause #1: You’ve just initiated jogging (again, or for the initial time)

Dr. Laskowski mentions a couple of conceivable reasons. The first pertains to how often you jog. A muscle engaged in exercise necessitates more blood circulation to receive all of that valuable oxygen. When you jog, you’re igniting those legs, so more blood is directed to your calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings. If you’ve recently started a jogging regimen, or jogged for the first time in a prolonged period, it might incite the tingling by increasing blood flow in your legs in a manner your body isn’t accustomed to.

“Your return to exercise may result in blood capillaries in arteries in your legs to expand,” Dr. Laskowski explains. “This expansion can exert pressure on and aggravate small nerve endings extending to the skin and contribute to tingling.”

Once your muscles indeed develop more blood vessels to acclimatize to your new jogging routine and facilitate smoother blood flow, your body will understand that this level of blood circulation is routine, and the irritation should diminish.

Possible cause #2: You’re undergoing an allergic response

The subsequent reason is a more external one. It’s plausible that you might be experiencing an allergic reaction to your attire or laundry detergent. Perspiration could even intensify this reaction.

Dr. Laskowski mentions there is also a genuine condition known as exercise-induced urticaria. In this scenario, your body is reacting to exercise itself. Symptoms of this condition encompass tingling as well as the emergence of rashes and “a sensation of warmth” induced by exercise.

Managing Tingling Legs

Naturally, comprehending what might be unfolding is merely a portion of the struggle. What actions can you specifically take? Primarily, you need to exclude the possibility that your garments are part of the issue, so attempt switching your jogging attire (ideally to something moisture-wicking), and conducting trials with a mild laundry detergent.

If it’s solely the novelty of your jogging routine causing the issue, patience is your ally. As you become more accustomed to the activity, the symptoms should diminish. If not, consult your physician or an allergy specialist for assistance, which could involve utilizing an antihistamine.

In the interim, Dr. Laskowski highlights that “a consistent exercise regimen is among the finest ways to prevent jogger’s prick and minimize its severity.” If you do encounter the tingling, decelerate or perhaps even be content with taking a respite until the subsequent day.

Arguably most challenging of all, attempt to refrain from scratching! While it may offer temporary alleviation, it will instigate a chemical response in your brain ultimately heightening the tingling sensation. Yikes! Utilize ice or ointments like cortisone and aloe vera instead.

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