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Rebooting a Stalled-Out Pattern

Credit: Unsplash
It’s acceptable to pause, but you must return eventually.

Life doesn’t always grant us the freedom to do as we please right when we want to. As an example, this previous Saturday, I was eager to engage in a workout session, but it was impossible because all my towels were being laundered, and given the sluggish nature of my dryer, they would likely remain inside for the entire day. I had no alternative but to postpone my workout until the following day. Sometimes, minor obstacles like this can accumulate: there’s a medical appointment, work commitments, a social gathering, household chores, and before you realize it, a week has passed without any exercise. Naturally, your responsibilities should always take priority, but when these minor inconveniences pile up, it can become challenging to reintegrate into your routine. When the time comes to resume your workouts, keep a few things in mind to smoothen the process.

Above all, bear in mind that life comes first, so there’s no need to blame yourself for taking a break from exercising. Your body won’t suddenly deteriorate into frailty after just a few days without physical activity. Plans may falter, but it’s not catastrophic, and if you are feeling remorseful about it, it simply indicates your eagerness to return to your workout routine. Embrace that motivation and shed the guilt.

Secondly, you might need to commence at a lower intensity than you’re accustomed to. If you were previously engaging in high-intensity workouts, your body may require a gradual warm-up over the course of a few days before being able to handle that level of exertion once more. Remember to pay attention to your body and operate within your capabilities. Rest assured, those capabilities will gradually return to their previous levels.

Credit: Unsplash

Lastly, avoid pressuring yourself. If you truly relished your routine and desire to resume it because it brings you joy, then that’s fantastic. However, if you’re encountering considerable difficulties in resuming your routine, it could be a signal that the current regimen might not be the best fit for you. Consider adjusting the routine until it becomes something you genuinely enjoy.

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