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    Recent Research Suggests Physical Activity Brightens Your Mood Like Coffee

    Credit: iStock

    Be a coffee enthusiast even without the coffee.

    Caffeine is among the most widely used stimulants around the globe, if not the most frequently consumed. It’s truly refreshing to gulp down a mug of coffee and experience mental clarity restore in the morning (or during mid-afternoon). What might astonish you, however, is that achieving that same clarity is achievable without splurging on Keurig pods. Simply break a sweat.

    As per a recent research conducted by Nature Scientific Reports, a single intensive workout session can deliver enhancements to one’s mood and cognitive ability akin to caffeine. The research contrasted enhancements in subjects’ working memory following exercise with those after consuming caffeine.

    Two sets of participants, the first engaging in a treadmill session for thirty minutes and the second sipping on a caffeinated beverage, underwent memory assessments to evaluate their mental acuity. The second set experienced a second round of tests after refraining from caffeine for twelve hours. Based on the outcomes, the enhancements in mental clarity were quite comparable for both methods. The distinguishing factor was that individuals undergoing caffeine withdrawal suffered substantial impacts on their cognitive functions.

    The lesson to grasp here is that you can obtain all the mental enhancement you desire with an enjoyable run without having to cope with the adverse effects of caffeine and withdrawal. Furthermore, exercising is beneficial for your overall health, making it an undeniable enhancement.


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