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Remain Chilled For Going to Bed

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Maintain a cool demeanor akin to the opposite side of the cushion.

As you prepare for your nightly slumber, your body’s biological processes diminish in speed. With reduced activity, your body temperature naturally decreases, making it more comforting to sleep in a pleasantly cool environment. If your surroundings, bedding, or body are excessively warm or cool, your body struggles to achieve that desirable balance (and in the case of heat, you might have to bear with unpleasant night sweats). Sleep is fundamental, and if you encounter challenges in attaining the optimal temperature, your sleep quality is compromised.

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If the issue lies in the excessive warmth of your room or bed, the most apparent resolution is air conditioning. Sadly, not everyone has access to reliable air conditioning. During my college days, air conditioning was only permitted in the summer, leaving spring uncomfortably warm. If air conditioning is not feasible, consider more traditional methods. Open a window, utilize a tower fan, and direct it towards your bedding area. Improved air circulation alone can significantly lower your perceived temperature. For those who naturally feel hot while trying to sleep, consume a glass of ice-cold water just before bedtime for a delightful, whole-body chill that should persist long enough for sleep to claim you. You might wake up feeling sweaty, but at least you will have had some restful sleep.

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If you are faced with the opposite scenario where your room feels too cold, your best strategy is layering. Don pajama bottoms, keep your socks on, and snuggle under a large, plush blanket. However, perspiration can complicate matters. Many individuals find wearing socks to bed challenging due to sweaty feet, a situation that can be worsened by certain blanket materials. Ensure that the fabric of your blanket is agreeable with your skin and opt for a design that wicks away sweat. If you lack a single large blanket, consider layering multiple smaller ones for adequate insulation.

If you are willing to invest some money, there are numerous cutting-edge solutions available for regulating bed temperatures. Recently, I acquired a blanket that features one side made of cotton and the other side crafted with high-tech cooling absorption fabric. It absorbs cool ambient air to maintain an even temperature while providing insulation. It’s truly marvelous.

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