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Remember to Receive this Year’s Influenza Vaccination

Credit: Unsplash
While COVID-19 remains a prominent concern, the annual flu is also on the agenda.

Recall that about a year ago, we expected the COVID pandemic to be over by now? Pleasant thought. Unfortunately, life can surprise you with setbacks when you least anticipate, so we find ourselves still grappling with the situation over a year later. The prolonged pandemic raises worries for the upcoming influenza season. The prior season was relatively mild due to indoor living and mask-wearing, but now that people are more active outside (whether advised or not), the flu may resurface.

The flu season usually ramps up around October each year, signaling the time to obtain this season’s flu shot. You might be pondering, or hopefully considering: “But I received my COVID vaccination, isn’t that sufficient?” The answer is no. COVID and influenza, despite sharing some symptoms, are distinct viruses. Health experts have confirmed the possibility of contracting both concurrently. If you think having COVID is challenging, imagine dealing with both viruses simultaneously.

Credit: Unsplash

Fortunately, obtaining the flu vaccine remains a straightforward process. Pharmacies, physicians, and supermarkets have already begun appointments, with many offering shots at no cost or a nominal fee, provided you carry insurance proof. Just walk in, request a flu shot, receive it, and you’re set for the season. The CDC suggests getting your flu shot by the end of October to prepare for the holidays, so the sooner, the better. If you’re worried about COVID, seek outdoor vaccination sites in your vicinity. Pharmacies are addressing these concerns and ensuring a safe environment for administering shots.

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