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    Rise from Your Seat

    Image Source: Better Health Channel
    Utilize Your Limbs

    Those of us who have been engaged in virtual office tasks have likely been utilizing our seats extensively, haven’t we? We perch to work, we perch to binge-watch on Netflix, we perch to dine; there’s a lot of perching happening. However, and speaking from personal experience, it’s crucial to be mindful of the amount of sitting in a day. Sounds peculiar, doesn’t it? What harm can sitting do? If interspersed with standing and walking, then nothing much. But if you remain seated in the same spot for extended periods incessantly, don’t be shocked if your abdomen starts voicing its discontent.

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    Sitting for long, inactive periods can disrupt blood circulation in your lower limbs and intestines. This may result in issues like swollen veins and hemorrhoids, both internally and externally. Gastrointestinal issues such as hemorrhoids can also elevate your susceptibility to conditions like colon cancer. Prolonged sitting can further impede blood circulation, leading to heart-related disorders and cardiovascular ailments.

    Image Source: Harvard Health

    Extended sitting spells doom for your emotional state as well. Research indicates that individuals spending prolonged hours in a seated posture are at a higher risk of anxiety and depression. It’s still not entirely clear if this is a direct consequence or simply a lack of positive physical activity, but it’s a bit of a catch-22.

    Remaining seated can reverse the benefits of exercises focusing on legs and lower back. When you relieve your legs of their weight-bearing duties and rely solely on your lower torso for support, the leg muscles are deprived of adequate stimulation, fostering muscle wasting.

    Naturally, if you’re in a desk-bound profession (or just returned from a lengthy one), abstaining from sitting entirely isn’t feasible, and that’s perfectly fine. Just refrain from making that your sole activity.


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