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Make sure to take a proper break at least once daily.

Pressure is a constant presence in our lives, particularly in today’s world. We have previously covered the risks of excessive pressure and suggested methods to ease it temporarily. But do you know what’s even better than calming down from a bout of stress-induced misery? Avoiding it altogether from the start. The most effective approach to achieve that is by mastering the skill of unwinding.

Given the current environment, I’m certain that many of you have had plenty of opportunities to sit and lie down in the past few months. However, there’s a distinction between merely seating on a chair and truly unwinding on a chair. For example, sitting or lying down while using a computer is not considered relaxing because your thoughts are still preoccupied with stressful issues. Regardless of how demanding your tasks are, it’s crucial to allocate time in your day for adequate relaxation; no fretting, no tensing, no pressure. Even if you can only spare ten minutes daily, it’s still beneficial.

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A bit of rhythmic pressure can be an excellent relaxation tool. If you have access to a professional masseuse, you’re fortunate, as a proper back or shoulder massage can alleviate a significant portion of stress. If you don’t, simply ask someone to massage your shoulders gently or utilize a personal neck massager. The soothing effect of a slight vibration may surprise you.

The key aspect of proper relaxation is to identify a sanctuary where you can have peace for a few minutes. It could be in your living area, on the porch, or even in the bathtub. Discover your serene spot, leave your phone behind, and just let the world drift away momentarily. I heard of an individual with a large mosquito net and an umbrella on their porch; they spend the whole day there soaking up the sunlight. That individual has truly perfected the art of relaxation.

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