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Shut Down the Waterworks in Your Drippy Nostrils

Credit: Unsplash
No one appreciates dealing with a dripping faucet on their visage.

On a regular basis, your nasal cavity produces mucus as a defense mechanism. Comprised mainly of water and proteins, mucus naturally provides comfort to your nasal passages. The issue arises when you fall ill, leading to an excessive production of mucus with compromised quality. Consequently, you end up with clear, watery snot running from your nose. Runny noses are certainly unpleasant, arguably more so than nasal congestion, but fortunately, they can be managed in similar manners.

Runny noses, particularly with clear discharge, are often indicators of allergy or the common cold. In the case of allergies, when your system detects allergens like pollen, it responds by releasing histamines, inundating your body and causing your eyes to water and nose to run. The common cold follows a similar pattern, as histamines accelerate the spread of virus-fighting white blood cells throughout your body. While these processes are intended to be beneficial, they can be quite bothersome to endure, so take steps to expedite relief.

Credit: Unsplash

Firstly, ensure you stay well-hydrated. Increased water intake will help thin the mucus, facilitating its expulsion from your nostrils. You can also experiment with heat therapy. Applying hot compresses to your face and enjoying steamy showers can open up your lung and nasal passages, making breathing easier and aiding in mucus drainage. If these methods prove ineffective, consider using an over-the-counter decongestant such as Mucinex or nasal spray.

Things you should avoid include consuming spicy foods and dairy. The intense spiciness of certain foods may exacerbate nasal dripping, while dairy products like milk and cheese can make the mucus denser and harder to expel. Essentially, the objective is to keep the mucus in your runny nose thin and easily removable. This way, you can endure the underlying issue causing the drainage with far less discomfort.

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