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Simu Liu Reveals his ‘Shang-Chi’ Exercise Routine

Credit: Unsplash
What methods does Marvel’s latest champion utilize to get fit?

Coming soon to theaters in September is Marvel’s new superhero movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. This film represents a significant deviation from many other entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it not only features a hero with skills based on Chinese martial arts but also marks the first appearance of an Asian American actor as a lead character in the MCU. Tasked with portraying the main character Shang-Chi is Simu Liu, who possesses impressive strength, yet to become a Marvel superhero, the appearance has to match the role perfectly.

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“Undoubtedly, the mastery of martial arts is a significant component of my preparation, however, embodying the essence of a Marvel superhero involves, above all, resembling a hero,” articulated Liu to Men’s Health. “Therefore, as we constructed the workout regimen for embodying that superhero physique, we placed particular emphasis on preserving agility and explosive power, given that ultimately, I must still be capable of delivering a formidable blow.”

As Liu elucidated, his new routine for playing a superhero focuses on fostering both strength and suppleness to an equal degree. He necessitates potent forcefulness behind his actions, yet these movements must also possess fluidity and grace. To accustom his physique to enduring pressure, he initiates with a five-minute session on the airfan bike. Subsequently, he executes five repetitions of either the banded trap bar deadlift or box jumps, followed by five sequences of sled pushes transitioning into sprints and three cycles of rotational med ball slams. Finally, he concludes with either three sets of lat pulldowns or three sets of dumbbell lateral raises.

This specific sequence of actions prepares his body for counteracting some form of opposition. Consequently, when he eliminates the resistance in the latter part of the routine, his physique can generate explosive power, owing to already being in an intensive lifting state. This regimen also aids in maintaining his back and shoulders in muscular shape and firm condition, necessary for those impactful close-up shots.

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