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So You’ve Encountered the Ordinary Cold

Credit: Unsplash
Stubborn little virus, isn’t it?

Although the signs of the ordinary cold are quite mild when compared to other illnesses, we just can’t seem to shake it off. Why? Well, the cold viruses are highly adaptable and prone to slight mutations. We cannot develop a remedy or vaccine because anything we create will quickly become outdated. Cold viruses are somewhat similar to an aged, charred bread crumb stuck to the bottom of your toaster. It’s irritating, but removing it would require more effort than it deserves, so you simply adapt to its presence.

Upon catching a cold, the symptoms can appear rapidly and persist for anywhere from a few days to a fortnight. During a cold, you may experience a runny nose, a sore throat, and a general feeling of unwellness. As cold viruses mutate unpredictably, the specific symptoms can vary from person to person. Generally, though, the primary recommendations are to rest adequately and stay well-hydrated. Your body tends to dehydrate when producing mucus due to a cold, which can exacerbate symptoms if not addressed.

Credit: Unsplash

To relieve congestion, it’s essential to target the specific area. If it’s primarily in your nasal passages, consider using nasal drops or sprays. Even a basic saline solution can help clear nasal congestion. In case the congestion has affected your throat or chest, an over-the-counter decongestant may be beneficial. Always ensure to adhere to the provided instructions, as some medications can result in side effects.

The only option is to endure the cold, so find a cozy spot, keep water within reach, and take it easy.

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