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So You’ve Just Vomited Up Your Lunch

Credit: Unsplash
It’s quite unsettling when your internals suddenly become your externals.

The times I’ve fully vomited can be counted on one hand, and I intend to keep it that way. Regurgitating your food is such a deeply uncomfortable experience on multiple levels; it feels unpleasant, it looks unpleasant, it smells unpleasant, it’s just unpleasant all around. After you vomit, there is a high chance you’ll feel disoriented and probably slightly irritated at what triggered it, but before addressing that, self-care is essential.

When you eject your morning meal, your body eliminates a significant portion of its total water content, leading to feelings of grogginess and dehydration. Initially, avoid consuming solid foods for at least a few hours to allow your stomach to settle. Additionally, refrain from consuming anything other than water during this time; any carbonated drinks could further upset your stomach. After cleansing your mouth of the taste, gradually rehydrate by taking small sips of water. If you feel extremely dehydrated, switch to a clear, non-fizzy sports drink.

Credit: Unsplash

After your stomach feels more settled, slowly reintroduce solid foods, beginning with simple, easily digestible items like dry crackers, bananas, or applesauce. Gradually progress back to regular meals, but steer clear of heavy foods and items that may irritate your stomach such as dairy products and spicy dishes.

Once you have fully recovered, you can begin to investigate what triggered the vomiting. Reflect on the foods you have recently consumed; you may have eaten something expired or potentially allergenic. Conditions like migraines or motion sickness could also be contributing factors. If you are uncertain, consult with your physician to investigate and resolve the issue together.

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