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Some Great Outdoor Gym Suggestions For 2023

For individuals who frequently exercise in their nearby fitness center, they may have encountered feelings of tedium and monotony. Not to mention dealing with inconsiderate individuals who disrupt their workouts. If you have a garden at your residence, you have the opportunity to convert it into a functional gym, providing you with access to superior workouts at your convenience. Below are a few suggestions to help you create a remarkable DIY outdoor gym:

Fixed Or Portable Options

Should you wish to establish a permanent outdoor gym, you can explore larger equipment that is anchored to the ground and cannot be relocated. This is an ideal solution for committed fitness enthusiasts who do not foresee significant life changes (such as starting a family, relocating, renovating, etc.) On the contrary, portable equipment can be stored away during winter, albeit with less stability and security.

Select the Ground Surface

While grass is a common ground cover found in most backyards, it may not be the most suitable for exercise. It tends to be uneven and riddled with holes that pose injury risks, especially after rainfall, turning the area into a muddy mess. To maintain a green backyard, artificial turf is an excellent choice as it provides a level and stable surface. For added practicality, you could install pavers in a designated area of the backyard to ensure a firm foundation underfoot at all times.

Embrace Aquatic Workouts

For those willing to make a substantial investment in their outdoor gym project, consider incorporating a pool into your backyard. This addition would enable you to engage in full-body workouts in the water and unwind post-exercise. Moreover, your family, friends, and children will likely appreciate this feature as it offers them an opportunity to swim. However, for safety precautions, fitness enthusiasts with children and pets should secure their pool with a black pool fence to prevent accidents. Not only does this addition look modern and appealing, but it also enhances safety in your backyard.

Install Essential Fixtures

For those opting for permanent fixtures in their outdoor gym, focus on installing pull-up bars, balance beams, and benches. These items can serve as props for a wide range of exercises, and they are bound to be popular with kids as well. Outdoor exercise bikes and ellipticals are also available, specially designed for outdoor use. If you have a covered area with a nearby power source, you could even consider traditional treadmills (provided the area is shielded from the elements and potential theft).

Shelter Consideration

If you reside in a hot climate, it may be necessary to provide some form of shading over your equipment to prevent heatstroke or sunburn. Shade sails are an excellent choice for backyard settings as they are easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, and offer excellent sun protection. These sails can be swiftly and easily installed, and they are relatively easy to relocate.

Experiment With DIY

Your home workout equipment doesn’t have to be perfect or expensive to be effective. For instance, to save on costs, you could experiment with DIY options like using tires, ropes, sandbags, and buckets for weightlifting, sleds for pulling exercises, and cones for cardio. Store these items in your shed for easy access, and you’ll have a portable gym ready whenever you feel like training. You could even create your own weights using concrete and metal bars, complete with an outdoor, weather-resistant weight rack to fulfill your lifting needs.

Enhance Comfort with Lighting and Entertainment

For those who prefer evening workouts, additional lighting in your backyard gym area is essential. Utilizing spotlights that emit intense, white light can prevent accidents and enhance the functionality of your gym. Consider investing in a portable Bluetooth speaker for music or installing a TV in a covered area so you can enjoy entertainment while using the treadmill or exercise bike.

With your personalized backyard gym, you can access fitness facilities 24/7 and enjoy the necessary privacy for an effective session. While periodic trips to the gym can add variety, having a private gym at home as a backup is invaluable for your fitness journey.

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