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Some Push-Ups a Day Keeps Malaise Away

Credit: Unsplash
A little bit of physical activity can prompt big changes.

What was the very first exercise you ever learned? It was probably the push-up, right? Maybe you saw some buff person doing push-ups on TV, or maybe the gym teacher had everyone doing push-ups in grade school. The push-up enters our consciousness very early in life, which is probably why it frequently goes by the wayside when considering regular exercises. But just because the humble push-up appears simple, that doesn’t mean doing them won’t reap tangible benefits for you. In fact, just doing a single set of push-ups every day for a month can get you some desirable results.

That sounds silly, right? One set, what’s one set going to get you? The key isn’t the number or difficulty of reps, it’s the act of committing. No matter what shape you’re in, your body is going to be in different states on different days. Some days you’re up and ready to kick butt at the crack of dawn, other days getting out of bed itself feels like a chore. But whether you’re in top form or off your game, if you still do that set of push-ups, you still get the benefit, and keeping them consistent will keep the benefits coming.

Credit: Unsplash

So what benefits can you actually get? First and foremost, consistent push-ups are great for building a strong core, and with a strong core comes greater ease in doing push-ups. It’s cyclical, you see. While you probably won’t turn into a Greek god, you’ll also get some extra definition in your abs, chest, and arms, and who doesn’t like that? Most of all, though, getting that set done and dusted first thing in the morning is a great perk up. Just a few minutes of simple exercise is good for relieving stress and anxiety and starting your day fresh and upbeat. Good mood, good health.

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