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Some Unheard Benefits Of Golf On Your Health

Golf enjoyed a surge in popularity during the pandemic, in part for health reasons. By its very nature, the sport allows players to partake in physical exercise, outdoors, while socialising with other players but remaining distanced. Yet many newcomers to the game have stuck around long after restrictions eased after discovering the long-term benefits it offers.

Granted, it’s not a cheap pursuit, and you could end up investing serious money in equipment. But having golf insurance will ease some of this stress and allow you to get on with refining your game.

If you’re not in that deep just yet, here are five reasons to consider committing to golf.

You Get Plenty Of Vitamin D

With office or home-working jobs and unpredictable weather, many of us struggle to get the levels of vitamin D that we need. The NHS even recommends that everyone should consider taking a daily supplement in autumn and winter. But playing golf is a great way to spend time in direct sunlight.

Just make sure that you remember to wear sun cream!

You Can Socialise With Other Players

Golf might seem like a lonely pursuit but even professionals have their caddies to chat to during a round. As a casual player, you’ll get to enjoy regular meetups with mates on the course or in the club house.

Plus, if you join a club or start playing competitively, you’ll meet new like-minded people and feed the social part of your brain that way.

You Can Get Competitive – Or Take It Easy

Whether you’re playing one-on-one, entering tournaments or simply discussing handicaps, a little competition can go a long way. It’s a healthy way to challenge yourself and develop your skills.

But at the same time, there’s no pressure to keep score. You can even play alone to give yourself some headspace.

It Burns Calories Without Being High Impact

Some people claim that golf isn’t a sport and, admittedly, it’s not the highest-energy affair. But walking an 18-hole course – possibly multiple times a week – while swinging and putting throughout is still a great way to stay physically healthy.

It’s not high-impact, either, which means that you’re less likely to suffer injuries compared to other, more intense sports.

It Helps To Relieve Stress

For many people, golf is a means of leaving behind work, getting out of the house and blowing off steam. Exercise, in itself, releases endorphins, while the social aspect can also boost your mental wellbeing.

Even just being around nature can do you some good. The mental health charity Mind advises that outdoor activities can improve your mood, help you to relax and boost your confidence.

If you’re considering trying your hand at golf, now you’ve got plenty of compelling reasons to do so!

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