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Soothing Ways To Massage Abdomen For Bowel Issues And The Various Techniques

In 1999, a comprehensive examination of all existing clinical trials linked to bowel issues concluded that there was no clinical proof supporting any form of massage could offer advantages for bowel issues.

Throughout the past two decades, intriguing studies have revealed that certain massaging methods can assist in stimulating peristalsis, which is the contraction of muscles aiding in food movement through the digestive system.

Understanding Bowel Issues

If you have infrequent bowel movements and struggle with passing stool, you might be categorized as experiencing bowel issues. You may sense the need to exert pressure and after relieving yourself, feel as though your bowels are not completely emptied. Statistics suggest that about 16 out of every 100 adults in the USA experience indications of bowel issues, but this number may vary.

When encountering any symptoms related to bowel issues, your initial step should always be consulting your personal physician as they possess your complete medical account and can eliminate any severe conditions.

Abdominal Massage Techniques for Bowel Issues

As documented in a 2009 randomized clinical controlled trial, abdominal massage led to enhanced bowel movements. The research included 60 individuals with bowel issues divided into two groups. The first group solely used laxatives while the second group incorporated laxatives alongside massage for 8 weeks, proving that massage complemented the effects of laxatives.

One of the advantages of massaging for bowel issues is the simplicity of self-massaging your abdomen without requiring an appointment with a professional masseuse. To massage your stomach for bowel issues, adhere to these 3 straightforward steps.

  1. Recline on your side or back.
  2. Apply gentle pressure using both hands, starting from the lower abdomen with fingers.
  3. In a circular movement, progress upwards towards beneath your ribs and then descend once again.

Repeat this massage routine between 5-10 times and include it in your morning regimen. While not effective for everyone, for many individuals, it may assist in promoting bowel movements by stimulating the abdominal muscles responsible for bowel functions. Consistent daily massages may take up to a week to show results.

Pelvic Massage for Bowel Issues

Regarding this next technique, pelvic massage, you may prefer to proceed independently unless you have someone skilled in tantric massage. The pelvic region is situated between the anus/testes in males and vagina/anus in females. In a randomized controlled trial by the UCLA Department of Medicine in 2014, pelvic massage was examined on 100 adults with functional bowel issues based on Rome III criteria. Participants initially received basic training in self-acupressure on their pelvic region and were then assigned to placebo groups.

After the training, 91 participants successfully completed the trial without reporting any adverse effects. Impressively, the group practicing pelvic massage exhibited enhancements in bowel function and quality of life.

To perform pelvic massage on your own, follow these user-friendly steps.

  1. Cleanse the pelvic area and find a secluded spot to sit.
  2. Utilize your index finger to gently press the pelvic area, holding for 1 second before releasing.
  3. Repeat these steps until you feel the urge to void.

Foot Massage for Bowel Issues

Reflexology, a form of foot massage believed by some to target reflex points in the feet, hands, and ears interconnecting the whole body. Originating from India, China, & Egypt, reflexology is often viewed as Pseudoscientific, but a clinical study in 2003 focusing on children yielded intriguing outcomes.

The research involved 50 children with Encopresis and chronic bowel issues receiving six 30-minute sessions of foot reflexology over 6 weeks. Results revealed an increase in bowel movements and a decrease in soiling incidents.

Similar to abdominal massage for bowel issues, self-foot massages are feasible for most individuals provided they are flexible enough. Employ these steps to assist in bowel movements.

  1. Commence by sitting cross-legged, lying down, or seated on a chair.
  2. Initiate at the heel and move towards the toes using your thumb and fingers.
  3. Address the edges, massaging the inner and outer sections of the feet.

If flexibility is a constraint, seek assistance from a close individual or consider visiting a reflexologist. Combining this with abdominal massage may yield optimal bowel movement results, but additional studies on reflexology and bowel issues are essential.

Additional Suggestions for Bowel Issues

The most effective approach for bowel issues is to address them comprehensively, incorporating various strategies beyond just massaging. Adequate intake of fresh, chlorine-free water along with limited caffeine consumption is vital.

Ensure to engage in a 30-minute walk daily, practice stress reduction techniques like meditation, and consume foods rich in probiotics and fiber. According to ProbioticReviewGirl, probiotics & fiber have been linked to increased bowel movements and alleviation of bowel issues.

Opt for fermented vegetables as they possess both fiber and probiotics. Kimchi and Sauerkraut are favored options for individuals dealing with constipation.

Concluding Remarks

Since 1999, more studies have indicated that massaging for bowel issues may offer benefits to certain individuals. However, it is evident that massage works best when combined with a healthy lifestyle encompassing adequate water intake, fiber-rich diet, and probiotic supplementation. If you are experiencing bowel issues, considering consulting your physician regarding the effectiveness of massages. They can provide clearer guidance tailored to your specific condition. We trust this health-focused blog post aids in addressing your digestive concerns.

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