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Stay Active, Grow Younger

Credit: Unsplash
Tweak your DNA for a youthful boost.

Adjustment and reconstruction are basic principles of the mammalian state. The reason exercising leads to increased size and strength is due to the breakdown of muscles, stimulating them to reconstruct themselves in a more robust and physically beneficial way. Naturally, as you mature, this reconstructing process becomes more time-consuming and calorie-consuming, making exercise a bit more challenging. However, according to several studies, putting in the effort to exercise adequately while you’re younger can make the process easier as you age.

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This may seem like a straightforward idea: stay fit now, stay fitter later. However, it’s a bit more intricate than that. Research indicates that individuals who participate in consistent, intense exercise exhibit subtle variations in their genetic compositions compared to more inactive individuals. Specifically, these variances manifest in the telomeres, the protective caps at the ends of your DNA strands. Having elongated telomeres heightens resistance to age-related ailments and conditions. Fewer chronic health issues mean your body has more vigor to allocate towards physical activities.

Credit: Unsplash

In addition to this abstract scientific concept, there are more evident ways in which a dynamic lifestyle prolongs your vitality. For instance, as you grow older, your bones experience a decline in natural density. Yet, devoting ample time to resistance and weight-bearing exercises enables your body to maintain its bone density for an extended period. Exercise has also been proven to enhance cognitive well-being; physically active individuals demonstrate a greater resilience to conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

While exercise cannot entirely halt or reverse the aging process, it can significantly ease the journey. You will appreciate being active in your youth when you’re not constantly battling with back discomfort in later years.

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