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    Staying Healthy in College

    Credit: MICHAEL BRYANT/The Philadelphia Inquirer
    At present, college scholars are facing significant challenges.

    I am immensely grateful that I am no longer a student. University life is demanding, time-consuming, and costly, to mention a few of the frequent complaints. Adding a substantial pandemic on top of all these issues is not doing any favors to the young population. Numerous students have had to remain at home and engage in online classes, while some have lost their academic credits due to external circumstances. There are likely many individuals feeling immensely stressed at this moment. If you reside with a college scholar, whether as a relative or a companion, it is essential for both of you to collaborate to ensure their emotional stability remains intact.

    Prior to anything else, take a deep breath and acknowledge any problems induced by stress. Are they oversleeping? Has their overall well-being deteriorated? Are they lacking motivation? Identifying the issue is the initial step towards rectifying it. Once you have pinpointed the problem, you can then start devising a suitable resolution.

    Credit: Getty Images

    An advantageous aspect of being part of a college community is that numerous institutions provide mental health support services. Typically, there are multiple counselors, or even therapists, available to address concerns and offer practical guidance. Even if in-person appointments are not currently feasible, they should still be reachable for a telephone call or video conference. These professionals can also link you with peers facing similar challenges. Conversing with someone in a comparable situation can significantly uplift one’s mood, and collaborating on solutions for practical problems can be mutually beneficial.

    After establishing a regime for well-being, ensure that you adhere to it. Wellness routines may sometimes feel like a chore, but if it is contributing to your mental well-being, it is certainly worth the effort. My top recommendation is that if you encounter a practical issue with an unattainable solution at present, there is no benefit in fixating on it. You will be able to get back on track once global conditions stabilize. Until then, prioritize your emotional stability.


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