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Strava’s Brand New ‘Trial Routes’ Feature Will Now Assist You To Navigate Through The Wilderness Seamlessly

As you embark on a hiking trail, it’s essential to strike the right balance in your readiness level. Having adequate knowledge about the trail is crucial so that you don’t find yourself on a path that’s either too challenging, too simple, too warm, or too crowded. Nonetheless, you also want an element of discovery and excitement.

Strava’s latest feature, Trail Routes, aims to help hikers, runners, and mountain bikers find that equilibrium as they venture onto the rugged terrain. Unveiled recently, Strava Trail Routes offer an interactive section on the app’s map that displays trail networks from around the globe, aiding users in selecting the most suitable route for their needs.

During an event in Los Angeles, Strava’s vice president of design, MacBeth Watson, stated, “People crave exploration while also desiring clarity on what lies ahead. Planning and decision-making play crucial roles in the process.”

Exclusive to paying subscribers, Trail Routes is the newest addition to a range of Strava features, including advanced performance metrics and personalized heatmaps. A one-year subscription to the app is priced at $59.99.

Upon subscribing, users can access Trail Routes by clicking on the Maps icon at the bottom of the Strava app. They can then select their preferred activity, whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, or trail running. By zooming in on a trail network, individuals can view specific routes with details tailored to their selected activity, such as distance, terrain difficulty, elevation, and more. After choosing a route, a customizable map is generated for them to follow. Moreover, users can utilize Strava to monitor their activity, share photos, and showcase their personalized maps on their feed to garner recognition.

When comparing Trail Routes to rival trail mapping services like AllTrails and Komoot during the Los Angeles event, Strava CEO Michael Horvath underscored the strong community aspect of the platform. The trails featured are all based on routes taken by Strava users themselves, along with data on aspects like average completion times. For instance, in the Santa Monica Mountains near Inspiration Point, multiple trail options like the Malibu Creek Trail, Inspiration Point, and the MASH trail are available. Users contribute to naming some trails, such as the MASH trail, named after the original filming location of the TV show M*A*S*H.

Although Trail Routes lacks reviews and hiker notes present on AllTrails, it serves more as a Google Maps for mountain trails, integrated into a platform already popular among runners and cyclists for workout tracking.

While it’s not ideal to stare at your phone while enjoying nature, having access to a trail map crafted and tested by fellow outdoor enthusiasts can be a valuable resource when faced with decision points on your route. A noteworthy incident in Los Angeles involved a hike leader realizing the wrong turn at the start, but quickly rectified the path with the group. Whew!

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