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Strengthen Your Core From Various Perspectives

Credit: Unsplash
There are multiple facets to target when working on your core.

Several core workouts are mainly focused on the frontal part of your abdomen, specifically your abdominal muscles. While having well-defined abs is great, solely concentrating on your stomach area will neglect the other parts of your core. Besides having strong abdominals, it is important to have stable hips, a robust back, toned glutes, and various other core muscles whose specific names I might not recall immediately. Consequently, it’s essential to approach core training from all possible directions, not just the anterior region.

For instance, you can perform landmine rotations, where you secure one end of a barbell to a sturdy surface (or a landmine attachment on a rack if available) and rotate the opposite end towards your body. This exercise not only benefits your abs but also targets your obliques and hips due to the lateral movement involved.

If you own a resistance band, you can fasten it to a rack or any fixed surface to do a half-kneeling hand pallof press. Maintaining one knee on the ground, extend the band in front of you, ensuring synchronized breathing with each push. This exercise, involving a kneeling posture, is particularly effective for your lower back.

Credit: Unsplash

If you prefer outdoor activities, consider a suitcase carry. This exercise requires minimal equipment; just grab a moderately heavy dumbbell and let it hang by your side. Ensure your core is engaged and your back is upright as you walk a comfortable distance. This workout significantly targets your mid-back.

Visualize your core as a cuboid. A cuboid has multiple sides and various planes. If you only enhance one side of the cuboid, it would no longer be a cuboid, right? It’d morph into a rectangle. Therefore, ensure you address your core muscles from all possible dimensions to avoid ending up as a mere rectangle.

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