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Strengthen Your Core Muscles With a Revamped Plank

Credit: Unsplash
Light as a feather, stiff as a board.

If you’re targeting your core muscles, especially the abdominal region, the timeless plank exercise is the way to go. While seemingly straightforward, it effectively engages your core muscles. However, like any workout routine, prolonged exposure can lead to reduced effectiveness. Planks are excellent for fortifying your abs, but as your body adapts to it over time, the benefits may dwindle. This calls for a change!

To reinvigorate your progress, it’s time to spice up the routine with a more challenging variation. The Copenhagen plank serves as an excellent starting point, being one of the toughest plank variations available. But why settle there? We’re striving for more hardcore methods, right? Let’s take it up a notch with the “banded Copenhagen” or formally known as the Copenhagen plank banded ab crusher.

Credit: Unsplash

To execute the banded Copenhagen variant, secure a small resistance band around both feet. Get into the typical Copenhagen starting position with your left elbow under your left shoulder, right leg elevated on a sturdy surface, and left thigh aligned with the right thigh. Keeping your hips and torso aligned, slowly move your left leg back and then quickly thrust it forward, aiming to bring your knee towards your chest. Perform six repetitions, and on the sixth one, maintain the position for six to eight seconds, engaging your glutes and abs to retain stability. This counts as one set, aim for three sets per leg.

This exercise not only intensifies the engagement of your core muscles but also involves your lower body. If your abs and legs aren’t feeling like steel after incorporating a few sets of these, it might be time to reassess your form.

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