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Stroll Every Day

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It’s not only about moving your legs!

Test your knowledge: what was the primary major vehicle-free mode of transportation created by humans? Carriages? Horseback? Incorrect, it’s walking. The capacity to walk upright on two legs was a fundamental evolutionary characteristic that distinguished our ancestors from their primate relatives, and this skill has been crucial to us throughout history, not only literally, but also in terms of health.

Naturally, taking a stroll each day, whether outdoors or indoors on a treadmill, is beneficial for your legs and cardiovascular system. However, what you may be unaware of is that daily walking can yield numerous additional advantages, both for your physique and mind. For example, walking, like most forms of physical activity, is an effective way to reduce stress. Engaging your body in movement provides your mind with a diversion from the usual daily annoyances. Reduced stress, in addition to other benefits we will delve into shortly, can help shield you from certain chronic illnesses.

Alongside enhancements to your mental well-being, a daily stroll can subtly boost various positive aspects while diminishing the influence of specific negative ones. Taking a walk boosts blood circulation, which can assist in normalizing your blood sugar levels. This can be particularly beneficial if you have diabetes, or simply need to relax after a large meal. On the topic of sugar, some research indicates that regular walks can decrease cravings for sugary treats. Who needs sugar for stimulation when you’re already active and about?

Credit: Unsplash

However, the primary and most significant benefit will always pertain to physical aspects. A brisk stroll will engage your leg and lower body muscles, which can also contribute to fortifying your bones. Consistent physical activity, even moderate activities like walking, prevent bones from becoming fragile and muscles from weakening.

So, if you have nothing else on your agenda today, why not partake in a walk? Embark on the journey alone or invite a friend or family member along. I’m sure your dog would appreciate the company.

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