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Tackling the Summer Insect Stings

Credit: Passport Health
Avoid rashly scratching your skin.

I detest insects and despise their stings. If mosquitoes didn’t serve some significant function in the environment (whatever that may be), I would personally eliminate every mosquito on this planet. Unfortunately, that’s not an option, so we must endure them. When you inevitably endure insect stings from outdoor activities or even while lounging on the sofa, it’s crucial to manage them in a proper medical manner.

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Above all, resist the urge to scratch. I know, it’s quite difficult, but excessive scratching and picking can potentially harm your skin. If you scratch insect stings excessively, you might create open wounds that could lead to bleeding, or worse, infection. Before it escalates to that point, utilize an over-the-counter anti-itch cream from your nearby pharmacy. Anti-itch creams contain antihistamines and calming ingredients to alleviate itchiness and reduce swelling. In a pinch, rash creams can also offer relief for itchiness.

Credit: Medical News Today

If you have a more intense response to an insect sting, monitor the affected area closely. If there’s only swelling, redness, or warmth, you might be able to manage it yourself. Apply creams and consider taking an allergy medication like Claritin. This can expedite the healing process. Meanwhile, use an ice pack on the affected area to reduce warmth and swelling. If the symptoms persist for over a week, or if the itchiness becomes notably severe or painful, seeking medical attention may be necessary.

When it comes to preventive actions, sticking to the basics usually works best. Wear long socks if you’re exploring heavily wooded areas like forests. If you anticipate spending time outdoors, apply insect repellent. Avoid lingering around places that attract a large number of insects like dumpsters.

Don’t allow mosquitoes to dictate whether you can enjoy outdoor activities. Make sure to prepare adequately, and if you do get stung, treat it properly. If you end up with numerous scabs on your arms, then you’re simply letting the mosquitoes triumph.

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